Install Instructions for MP27/MP30 Hip Fixes. Posted on 21 Nov 14:45

You're going to need a small screwdriver, and a pair of snips to install your new Hip Fixes.
Start by clipping the 8 pieces from the sprue, and laying them out as shown in the pictures. Snap each set of four pieces together as shown then set them aside while you get the figure itself ready.

Turn the figure around, and remove the three screws holding the front and rear of the groin piece together. Pull the hip flaps out from the now split pieces and remove the screw holding in the stock hinge. Set this piece aside, as you'll no longer need it.

Push the new hinge pieces onto the pegs the old pieces had attached to, making sure the offset is facing upward so the hinge can swing up level. Reattach the front and rear plates and screw everything back together. If the new hinges don't travel all the way up, you've got them installed backwards.

Plug the end of the hinges into the hole where the wheel recess is, as shown. Second picture shows how the hinges can be arranged (sans the door so it's easier to see) for the look shown in the pictures, but any layout is possible based on your preference.

To transform with the new hip hinges just bend the legs back and swivel the hinges down to what will be the bottom of the van. Transform as normal until you get what the second picture shows. The peg on the wheel panel will swivel 180 and the hinges align as shown to slide the panel into the normal position.