Details on Trivia: Posted on 20 Oct 17:17

 Thank you all for your patience and support while this figure was redesigned for production. 

The official review embargo lifts today for the Trivia figure and all pre-orders are currently shipped. Give them a few weeks to work their way through the mail system. Once all the pre-orders are confirmed as received then the current extras being sold on the store front will ship.

There are some extras in all colors available from those that elected to cancel their pre-orders. These will be made available on the 28th of Oct. only to those of you that kept your pre-order if you wanted to get any additional Trivia. Price will be $35 plus shipping for anyone interested in picking up extras. If any surplus figures are left in Nov then the remainder will be offered to the general public until they've sold out.
No more runs of this figure will be made.

Two sets of hands are included. As well as magnets for the figures feet if you wish to install them. Those are in the smaller bag with your figure.
If your order was packaged in the first two waves then your figure arrived in alt mode with the smaller hands installed. Orders in the second two waves ship in robot mode with the gripper hands installed. Trivia can't fully transform with the full gripper hands installed due to the modifications that needed to be made to the forearms for production.

Two different types of "lucky-draw" options are randomly mixed into the packages. 10% of all orders have glow-in-the-dark eyes and five lucky winners received a bonus Trivia figure made entirely of glow-in-the-dark plastic.