Duocon BattleTrap Upgrades Set : PoTP (Restocking Soon)

  • $ 6.99

Upgrades for the Duocon Battletrap Transformers figures, Battleslash and Roadtrap, from the Power of the Primes line. 

1 x pistol in black
1 x replacement blade/sword in black
1 x optional combiner plug in black
1 x cannon in gray

Snap stock blade off and set aside. Press new blade on when in vehicle mode, pop off for when needed as sword. Blades are 5mm and can be used in any of the figures fists.
If using the cannon to combine the vehicle modes; insert the optional adapter into the peg side 5mm hole. The black adapter presses into the back of Battleslashs head while the studs on the rear of the cannon press into Roadtraps head and rest on the vehicle ports.
See pictures for more details.

 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a set of four accessories, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.

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