Combiner Wars Hip Ratchet Upgrade

  • $ 4.99

This is a direct replacement for your Combiner Wars torso voyager figures.
These replace the current ratchet gears in their hips with double the amount of ratchet points. Leading to better poseability and more options for display.
Tested to work on Menasor, Superion, Prime, and Galvatronus.

To install you need to only remove the screws on the figures hips and swap out the pieces.
Installation videos:
Nonnef Production Video

Please note, to upgrade the Silverbolt mold you'll need to remove the glue in addition to the screw. To reassemble it's easiest to simply cut off the tab you'll see.
Please pull your figures apart prior to ordering to be sure you're capable of handling these upgrades.

Sold as a pair of gears. May come in either gray or black.


Modeled by: @G_works_toys

Colors may vary slightly, as each batch of these is hand made at different times.
This is for a single set only, figure is not included. May still have remnants of flashing from the cast process but are simple and easy to brush off.

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