Sludge Set

  • $ 19.99

Upgrade set for your Studio Series '86 Sludge Transformers figure.

"Sword" is the sword and hilt pieces. Red option has a red hilt and red blade. Orange option has a orange blade and black hilt.

The missile may have flashing that needs trimmed off.
Orange option does not match the previous Dinobot swords, and may have small defects or specks. 
The swords have their "gate" on the middle rear part of the blade. This not a defect, but part of the manufacturing process. They can be cleared up with a sharp blade and some heat. Do NOT buy these swords if you don't understand that.

Requires assembly and a screw driver. See this video for assembly details. Do not attempt assembly without reviewing the directions.



1 x Sword
1 x Rifle
1 x Missile
2 x Knee fixes
2 x Filler Plugs for Dino Neck
2 x Feet Replacement Sets


 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a set of unassembled pieces, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.
 Product is custom accessory meant to augment your figure, not a Transformers branded item.  

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