Siege Lambo Spoiler

  • $ 4.99

Spoiler add on for your Transformers Siege Lambo figures. This includes Sideswipe, RedAlert, Tigertrack, and more.
Choose from available colors.

These only work on the Siege mold! If you require them to work on the Kingdom mold, you'll also need the Kingdom Spoiler Adapter.

Includes the spoiler pieces, joint pieces, and filler pieces for the additional stock hole.

Assembly instructions: Video Here

Fitment is tight when pressed in all the way but may come loose with play. A drop of super glue works fine if you'd like a more permanent fit.

NOTE: The spoilers are prone to stress along the ring fit under the spoiler. This doesn't effect the piece and is just a side effect of the plastic used and how small the piece is.


 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a set of unassembled pieces, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.
 Product is custom accessory meant to augment your figure, not a Transformers branded item.  

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