Product Status

Status levels of unreleased products. Unrevealed products are not listed here. Not in any type of order. Items still may be canceled at any time or have dates change.


Sludge Conversion:
Conversion kit to turn the Sludge leader class Transformer figure into a new character.
ETA: In Stock

3" Figure Line:
Modular line of articulated small figures that can be used as weapons, accessories, or just figures.
Prototypes test mold tooling.
ETA: 2024

Core Dinobot Sets:
Weapons for the core class Dinobot team, and upgrades for Volcanicus.
In Tooling.
ETA: Q1 2024

Hammond Collection Dino Armor:
Armor and weapons for the Hammond Collection Jurassic Park Line. You either know what these are or your don't...
Design Prototyping.
ETA: 2024


Bludgeon Upgrade Kit:
Upgrade set for the Legacy Bludgeon Voyager Figure.
On Tooling Schedule.
ETA: Q1 2024


Classified Joe Robot Companions:
Multiple companion robot figures for your Classified Joe.
On Tooling Schedule.
ETA:  2024