Throne Assembly Instructions.

When your Throne arrives, the legs and back should already be attached, and everything else should be in their own bag.
If the legs have come off in shipping, you'll need to reattach them with some glue, by just lining everything up after applying several drops.

The seats are covered in talc to help protect them in shipping. This can be cleaned off with a damp rag. If the seats become dirty, they can be cleaned at any time with water, and recovered in any type of baby power to keep them from feeling tacky.

The teeth come on their own sprue, and can be broken off by hand and wiggled into their ports on the snake head. You may want to add a drop of glue if you're worried about losing them.

The throne includes 8x magnets to attach the front and back panels. You'll add a drop of super glue into two of the recessed holes on each of the panels and wait for them to dry.

Once fully dry, it's very important you check the polarity of the other 4 magnets before gluing them into the reverse holes on the throne itself. Triple check this, as if you glue in a magnet backwards you'll need to drill it out and possibly ruin your throne.

Two pair of magnets are plenty for each panel, but extra holes are provided if you wanted add additional 3mmX1mm magnets.

Note:Your Throne may come with some or all of the magnets already installed.