Broadside/Tidalwave Upgrades : Titans Return (Final Restock PreSale)

  • $ 9.99

Pre-Sale for final production run. Only enough kits will be manufactured to cover these sales. No further inventory after these ship. 
Open for two weeks only. Orders will not ship until August.
Orders can not be combined with future orders.


Upgrades for the Broadside and Tidalwave Titans Return Transformers figures.  

Full Broadside Kit - Includes all four upgrades for the Broadside figure. 
1 X Gun - Inspired by Broadsides G1 weapon design.
1 X Axe - Inspired by Broadsides G1 weapon design. Hides leg gap in plane fan-mode.
2 X Forearm Panels - Screw into forearms to add swivel panels to cover forearm holes.
2 X Thigh Panels - Hides hollow thighs in robot mode, and hides gap in his plane fan-mode.

Full Tidalwave Kit -  (RETIRED) Color variant including all four upgrades for the Tidalwave figure.

Extra Weapons (RETIRED) -  Extra single weapons for those that want to dual wield or only want the weapons.



Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a single upgrade kit, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.

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