Dinobot Upgrade Sets : PoTP

  • $ 19.99

Upgrades and weapons for all six of the Dinobots and their combined form of Volcanicus from the Power of the Primes line.

Items are split into five sets to make it easier for people to pick and choose which sets they wish to implement.

Rifle/Gun Set : Weapons for all six Dinobots. All serve duel purposes in combined mode.
2 x pistols for Slash / elbow fillers for Volcanicus
1 x rifle for Grimlock / forearm filler for Volcanicus
1 x pistol for Slag  / forearm filler for Volcanicus
1 x rifle for Sludge / knee-thigh filler for Volcanicus
1 x rifle for Snarl / knee-thigh filler for Volcanicus
2 x cannon for Swoop / forearm filler for Volcanicus
2 x wing extensions for Swoop

Sword Set : Swords for all six Dinobots. 
2 x daggers for Slash
1 x sword for Grimlock
1 x sword for Slag
1 x sword for Sludge
1 x sword for Snarl
1 x sword for Swoop

Volcanicus Sword (Coming Soon): Large sword for the Dinobots combined mode. 

Upgrade Set (Coming Soon): Various upgrades for the Dinobot team and their combined form.

Fist / Foot Set (Coming Soon): Pair of fists and a pair of feet for the Volcanicus combined mode.  

 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as individual sets, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.