5mm Peg Adapters

  • $ 4.99

 Various 5mm peg adapters.


5mm Peg Set : Pack of Two (2) 5mm Multipliers and a sprue of Six (6) various 5mm adapters.

90 Degrees : Pack of Six (6) 90 degree 5mm peg adapters at a 90 degree angle.

2 to 1 : Pack of Six (6) 5mm pegs to turn a single 5mm port into a double at a 90 degree angle.

5mm to 3mm : Pack of Six (6) pegs to turn a 5mm port into a 3mm male port, filling unsightly 5mm ports, or combine with other pegs to add more ports.


NOTE: 5mm peg and hole sizes can vary wildly between weapons and figures. This may lead to them being either tight or loose on some applications. This is unavoidable for generic pegs.



 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a set of unassembled pieces, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.
 Product is custom accessory meant to augment your figure, not a Transformers branded item.  

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