Paddles Conversion

  • $ 29.99

There is a Running Change From Hasbro In The Stock Screws For Sludge. We have some in stock if you need them, or you can source your own. They're M2-10 plastic pitch screws.

Canadian Customers: You may be invoiced additional shipping costs if you attempt to ship this item internationally.
Conversion kit for your Studio Series '86 Sludge Transformers figure to turn them into a new character.

Kits includes:
-New longer Dino neck design
-Replacement limbs in Dino mode for flippers
-Robot mode forearms
-4x blades/fins in your choice of color
-New Robot head, chest and hip pieces
-2x weapons

To order extra blades in different colors, visit this listing.
To order extra neck extensions, visit this listing.

Requires assembly, a screw driver, and possibly glue.
See this video for assembly details.
See this video for neck assembly details.
See this video for foot upgrade details.
Do not attempt assembly without reviewing the directions.



 Colors may vary slightly. Sold as a set of unassembled pieces, figure is not included. May require assembly and removal from sprues. Customer responsible for all assembly and risks involved.
 Product is custom accessory meant to augment your figure, not a Transformers branded item.  

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