Aug 11th Updates:

Posted by Nonnef Productions on

 -We've posted our first behind the scenes video over on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe.
-Our colorant supplier somehow shipped us the old orange color we had been using for the Dinobot swords. The one we weren't able to get when we were running the Sludge kits. So the Snarl kits will be the same shade as the Grimlock and Slug swords in orange. We have enough of the orange in stock now for the rest of the Dinbots that will be released, and for another run of the Sludge swords in the matching orange once the current stock sells out.
-The Snarl kit, the Sludge conversion kit, and the Orion Pax kit are all currently in production and we're not sure which will finish first. But they'll all be wrapping up fairly close to one another and be in stock over the coming weeks.
-TfNation is this weekend in the UK. If you'll be attending be sure to check out our European distributor: GworksToys. They'll have most of our inventory on hand.

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