Aug 27th Updates:

Posted by Nonnef Productions on

-Snarl weapons are currently wrapping up on the injectors and being processed. Lucky draw will be a clear version of the swords. Should be in stock next week.
-Orion Pax sets are all ready to go. They'll be in stock as soon as Toyhax is ready to reveal them.
-We've added Threads and BlueSky to our social media lists. is handling the BlueSky account( and has been filling it with behind the scenes posts and cat pictures if that's something you're into. We're working on bringing those here to discord as well.
-We're working on a series for the YouTube channel revolving around prototypes that never made it to production. Talking about the design intent, showing off any prototypes or samples, and discuss why they were never made. Let us know if there's anything special you'd want to see in a video like that.

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