July 24th Updates:

Posted by Nonnef Productions on

Skullgrin kit has been shelved and removed from the schedule. We may revisit it down the road.

Added a Humble Origins Orion Pax set to the schedule. This is a collaboration we're working on with Toyhax and will release later this summer.

The Technician handling our new injector startup has delayed. Again. Which has been the hold up on the Snarl sets. So we're redoing the tooling and just going to use the old equipment. They should be out in Aug.

Sludge conversion set was originally also designed for the new machine, but we started retooling it for the old equipment after the first delay.
We'll be releasing the neck first as a stand alone set for people that want to upgrade their Sludges with a more poseable neck.
The full conversion kits neck will have additional pieces, be longer, and have different colors so your two dinos won't look the same, even if you choose to upgrade your stock Sludges neck. We should have a sneak peek next week.

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